A change-making board is consequential for your organization.

What Other Leaders Have To Say…

“Board management is one of the most challenging skills an organizational leader must develop. Dr. Dunn’s approach unpacks the complexities of this role and provides a framework for moving a board from transactional to transformational. Change-making boards are better-equipped to serve their missions and create relevant and responsive impact.”

Susan T. Schmidt

President, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

“This book is a must read for anyone serving on a governance board. While many books lay out basic principles of governance or outline cautionary tales of ineffective or worse board service, R. J. Dunn transcends. With a style that is conversational and relatable, Dunn lays out a framework for conceptualizing board service, and more importantly, for organizing action on the part of both the board member and the board in generating meaningful change. And it is hard to imagine a time when it was more important for boards to be so equipped to lead change! As the pandemic recedes, our nation and our world finds itself at a critical inflection point where not just committed, but effective board leadership is required for much more than organizational survival.”

David Guth

CEO, Centerstone, Inc., Author, Strategic Unions: A Marriage Guide to Healthy Not-For-Profit Mergers

“Dunn has brought his varied experience with public and nonprofit boards together with a thoughtful review of the literature to provide a much-needed vision of what a post-pandemic board focused on change and the future should do. Too many boards will be tempted to return, with relief, to the old normal that often made boards complicit partners in sustaining the systems that produced the horrific inequities laid bare by the pandemic. This volume provides not only the vision but the practical steps boards must take to transform their work so they can address the work society now needs them to do. Specific, practical guidance in rethinking strategy, operations, governance, and forming transformative external partnerships are all provided. Board members, those who appoint boards, and those working with boards should find this book a strong antidote to returning to business as usual and a map to embracing change and a fairer future for those they serve.”

Dr. James Applegate

Former Senior Vice President, Lumina Foundation, Executive Director (retired), Illinois Board of Higher Education

“This book has something for everyone about governance–both new and seasoned board members. Dunn makes valid and important points about change-making boards and the need to strategically think to advance governance into the future.”

Sue Ellen Wagner

Vice President, Trustee Engagement and Strategy, American Hospital Association